[PDF] Heineken - Overview of controversial business practices in 2006

Author: Francis Weyzig, SOMO, Published on: 1 April 2007

In February 2007, a carbondioxide (CO2) leak was discovered at Karlovac Pivovara (KAPI), the Heineken plant in Karlovac, Croatia, after a man walking his dog near the leak felt into coma. Heineken provided the following details...Five managers at the brewery are under investigation. Karlovacka Pivovara is co-operating fully, transparently and thoroughly with all parties. We are committed to a responsible approach to business and, if at the end of the investigation, any liability is assigned, we will, of course respect our obligations...For several years, Heineken and other breweries operating in Cambodia have been criticised for the working conditions of so-called ‘beer girls’...who are hired to market beer brands in bars and restaurants. A brief background is provided before describing the situation in 2006 and recent developments...The company states it considers the matter ‘to be a human rights issue and...will continue to act accordingly’.

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