[PDF] Investor Perspectives on Children's Rights

Author: Global Child Forum, GES, Published on: 18 April 2014

The study is based on a combination of a questionnaire and publicly available information, published by investors. The questionnaire was developed by GES and Global Child Forum and was also used as a framework when assessing investors’ public information. 195 investors in Europe and USA were invited to participate in the survey. Only 22 investors responded. A systematic assessment using the questionnaire as a research framework was done on the 173 non-responsive investors’ publicly available information...The main findings were: Investors typically focus primarily on child labour and less on other children’s rights issues. 32 of the 195 investors have a publicly available responsible investor policy that includes a reference to children’s rights. Of the 22 investors who answered the questionnaire, 21 replied that children’s rights have a potentially material impact to their investments. 21 of the respondents say they have or are developing a procedure for integrating children’s rights into their investment decision-making process. Most respondents believe that a link between children’s rights and materiality and financial risk is difficult to make.

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