Author: Melik Özden, CETIM's Human Rights Programme, Permanent representative to the U.N., Published on: 9 November 2010

The aim of this Report is to analyse the problems posed by mercenarism. We also describe the measures already taken or proposed, in particular within the United Nations, to stamp out this phenomenon which has a detrimental impact on the enjoyment of human rights, particularly on a people’s right to self-determination and sovereignty over natural resources, as well as on the exercise of democracy...According to UN figures, at least one third of existing states...are currently affected or have been affected in the recent past by mercenary activities...the activities of mercenaries pose many problems and, lead to serious human rights violations with the perpetrators of these violations being rarely prosecuted. Apart from the serious violations of human rights and the untold suffering inflicted on the peoples, mercenary activities also undermines the functioning of democracy. [refers to Executive Outcomes, Aegis Defense, Sandline International, Blackwater, ArmorGroup International (part of G4S), DynCorp, MPRI (part of L-3 Communications), Lonrho, Defense Systems Ltd]

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