[PDF] Rules for the use of force - IPOA strives to create an industry-standard template [scroll to pg. 39]

Author: Natalie Ng, Journal of International Peace Operations, Published on: 1 May 2009

The IPOA-recommended Rules on the Use of Force (RUF) for Private Security Companies is a framework being drawn up by IPOA’s Private Security Companies (PSC) Working Group…[It] should be viewed as a subject-specific supplement to the IPOA Code of Conduct…Companies must allocate the responsibilities of employees to the policies and procedures of the RUF…The document also outlines a “graduated scale in the use of force continuum”…The authorization for the use of force is only available in self defense, defense of another person, and inherently dangerous property…[T]he IPOA RUF also lays out strict reporting requirements…Any use of deadly force requires a thorough investigation by the company…

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