[PDF] SRSG John Ruggie, Video Message to VPs Plenary, Oslo, 16 March 2009

Author: John Ruggie, UN Special Representative on business & human rights, Published on: 16 March 2009

...let me express my hope that none of you will leave this meeting before wrapping up the important but also painful process of trying to retrofit the VPs [Voluntary Principles] participation criteria while everyday reality in on the ground in many countries cries out for your attention and action...The VPs literally can affect life and death issues. I’ve visited the human rights training center of the once notorious 16th army brigade in Casanare, Colombia, spent time with BP there, and spoke with people in the community...I believe two factors in particular will help ensure the VPs success. The first is the need to be as inclusive as possible...The VPs require a more empowered Secretariat if the effort is to attain and sustain momentum...The gold standard among voluntary initiatives, I think, is the Fair Labor Association.

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