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[PDF] The role of the exploitation of natural resources in fuelling and prolonging crises in the Eastern DRC

Author: International Alert, Published on: 1 January 2010

Gold and various metals…have been mined in the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since the beginning of the 20th century…The wars waged...strengthened the illegal character of artisanal mining and fueled the formation of militias who exploited their control of the mines in order to raise the funds necessary for their own economic survival and arms purchases...[T]he mining economy became a particularly opaque conflict economy (“conflict minerals”)… With a view to helping establish a mining industry that does not generate further violent conflict, this report recommends…Improving geographical knowledge about mining activities…Understanding the downstream side of the commercial chain…[Chapter 5: Impact of mining exploitation on the people and the environment]. [Report refers to Société des Mines d’Or de Kilo Moto (SOKIMO); Banro Group; Hizi International; Ressources Minérales Africaines (RMA); Gesallschaft für Elektrometallurgy (GFE); Cofimines].

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