[PDF] Trust and integrity in the global economy: Exploring ways to help create a just and equitable global economy [Caux Centre, Switzerland, 2-8 Aug]

Author: CAUX, Initiatives of Change, Published on: 1 July 2011

Does the common good in our economy depend primarily on regulation, or on a culture of service and integrity throughout organizations?...Conference aims[:]Reshaping business around integrity, trust and core values...Developing community-based economies, fair trade and food sustainability...Empowering young people to take leadership for a more sustainable future...Exploring personal transformation and a personal calling [speakers include Paul Moore, former  head of group regulatory risk at Halifax Bank of Scotland HBOS (part of Lloyds), UK; Göran Carstedt, chairman, The Natural Step International, Sweden; Joe Swann, chief executive, My Social Innovation, UK; Paul Moore, partner, Moore, Carter and Associates, UK] [also refers to Ikea, Volvo, IECG International Ethics Consulting, Banca Popolare di Sondrio]

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