[PDF] UN Global Compact Case Studies of Multistakeholder Partnership: Policy Dialogue on Business in Zones of Conflict

Author: edited by Virginia Haufler, University of Maryland, on U.N. Global Compact website, Published on: 1 April 2002

Members of the UN Global Compact Policy Dialogue on Business in Zones of Conflict participate in a number of multistakeholder partnerships that seek to reduce or prevent violent conflict, manage the effects of conflict, or rebuild a country previously suffering from civil conflict…This report presents a set of case studies written by direct participants in the partnerships described…The cases are: 1. The U.S.-U.K. Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights…2. International Alert and the Oil Sector in Azerbaijan…3. War Torn Societies Project in Somaliland…4. Irish Congress of Trade Unions Counter Program…5. Roots of Peace and Croatia…

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