Peacebuilding at multiple levels in Colombia

Author: International Alert (IA), Published on: 7 June 2007

...Colombia’s violent conflict has been one of the most prolonged, intractable and deadly in modern times...International Alert has been working to help build peace...with recent work focusing on untapping the peacebuilding potential of the business community...businesses at all levels have to be sensitive about how their operations can potentially affect the country’s security situation...Alert and our partner, Fundación Ideas para la Paz, developed a toolkit designed to help extractive industries minimise the conflict risks of their operations. Companies such as Occidental Petroleum, Cerrejón Coal [joint venture Anglo American, BHP Billiton, Xstrata] and the Colombian state oil company have all used our Conflict Sensitive Business Practice (CSBP) methodology to factor human rights and peacebuilding issues into their business plans.

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