Pedalling To Success [India]

Author: Snigdha Sengupta, BusinessWorld [India], Published on: 20 March 2010

SammaaN started in 2007 with a simple business model. It would buy cycle rickshaws, which cost about Rs 11,000 each at the time, and give it out to rickshaw pullers rent-free. The company would make money by selling advertising space on the rickshaws, primarily using the back and side panels. Half the advertising revenue earned per rickshaw would be shared with the driver...Today, SammaaN has three main revenue streams. It earns a commission on vehicle financing loans for rickshaw pullers, which it processes on behalf of Punjab National Bank...It also earns a commission on the recovery of those loans and for opening new savings accounts. All this accounts for 30 per cent of its revenues. About 40 per cent of its revenues are from training and support services (such as design R&D) for rickshaw manufacturers across the country. The remaining 30 per cent comes from advertising. And it is profitable...The reason that SammaaN works as a business model is because it empowers the rickshaw driver both financially and socially.

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