Peru: Amazon indigenous peoples resume protest over oil spills contaminating water sources and harming their health

Author: Peru Support Group, Published on: 12 February 2018

“Renewed protest in Loreto over oil spill damage” – 11th February 2018

Eighteen organisations representing many of the indigenous communities affected by oil spills from the leaky and badly-maintained Northern Peru pipeline have started a protest a year after the signing of the Saramurillo Accords. Signed in December 2016 with significant ministerial presence, the accords suggested a fresh and more serious approach on the part of the Kuczynski administration to dealing with the effects of oil spills on local communities. But today, these do not see the progress that was promised…Initially a 72-hour strike was called as of 6 February. However, the leaders sensed the lack of any proper official response, resorting to declaring their strike as 'indefinite'. By 9 February this had escalated into a major blockade of the rivers along which the petroleum barges pass, and a number of boats were also being held captive…[Refers to Pluspetrol]

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