Peru: Shougang mining activities suspended by the OEFA to prevent pollution in San Nicolas bay

Author: OCMAL, Published on: 16 January 2019

“OEFA orders immediate paralysis of the mining company Shougang in order to prevent pollution of San Nicolas bay” – 17th January 2019

The Environmental Evaluation and Audit Organism (OEFA) ordered the company Shougang (part of Shougang Group) to immediately paralyse the transportation and storage of the mineral and the storage of the concentrate in the installations of Shougang´s new plant located in the district of Marcona, province of Nazca, department of Ica.  This came about because the OEFA, during one of their supervision actions, detected materials leaks coming from the stock of iron ore and concentrated iron.  Currently, no environmental measure exists that impedes and controls the dispersion of particles.  In this specific case, these particles are being blown by the wind towards the San Nicolas bay.  With this in mind, the OEFA has demanded that the company Shougang presents a calendar for the rehabilitation of the area within 5 days.  If it does not comply with the imposed measures, the OEFA signalled in its communique, that it would take administrative, civilian and punitive measures. 

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