Pesticide Justice [Nicaragua/USA]

Author: Amy Ling and Martha Olson Jarocki, Pesticide Action Network North America, in Multinational Monitor, Published on: 1 January 2003

Dow Chemical, Shell Oil Company and Standard Fruit (Dole Food Company in the U.S.), must pay $490 million in compensation to 583 banana workers injured by Nemagon, an extremely toxic soil fumigant that has sterilized thousands of Central American banana workers, a Nicaraguan judge ruled in December 2002...a Dow spokesperson termed the recent judgment unenforceable because the case was supposed to be moved to a U.S. court, and because the ruling was "based on a law passed in Nicaragua that its own attorney general has called unconstitutional." [refers to American Vanguard (Amvac), Dow, Occidental, Shell, Dole, Chiquita & Del Monte in connection with earlier lawsuit filed in Texas]

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