Poland: Farmers threaten uprising over mine due to forced relocation & pollution concerns

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7 January 2015

18 local companies & Heinz support farmers

Author: Arthur Neslen, The Guardian (UK)

"Polish farmers threaten uprising over opencast coalmine", 31 Dec 2014

Farmers in western Poland are warning of civil unrest if a vast coalmine and power plant are given the go-ahead, with thousands of people at risk of being forcibly relocated...At risk are the food exports for which the...region is known...and a windfarm which...would have to be demolished...Experts say that 22 villages could be destroyed by the opencast mine proposed by...energy company PAK...Many farmers in the area have ties to the land stretching back several generations, and say they will not leave without a fight...18 local companies are also supporting [the campaign], fearing crop production shortfalls, rising air pollution levels, and a drastic depletion of local water tables...Heinz...has been at the forefront of the corporate objectors...Trade unions are also backing the campaign...A pro-renewable energy sentiment is widely-shared among local people...Opinion polls say that 70% of local people are against the mine...

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Company response
1 January 2015

PAK mining company's "Facts & Myths" (only in Polish)

Author: PAK

Już dziś, kiedy jesteśmy dopiero na etapie prowadzenia badań nad jakością i ilością złóż węgla brunatnego na terenie gmin Krobia i Miejska Górka, spotykamy się z wątpliwościami niektórych z Państwa oraz z często pojawiającymi się nieprawdziwymi informacjami o ubocznych skutkach potencjalnej działalności kopalni. Poniżej postaraliśmy się  starannie odpowiedzieć na najczęściej pojawiające się pytania, ale także zarzuty dotyczące naszej inwestycji.

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