Poor, cramped living & working conditions for Gulf migrant workers laid bare by Covid-19 pandemic

Author: Ben Hubbard, New York Times, Published on: 14 April 2020

"Coronavirus fears terrify and impoverish migrants in the Persian Gulf," 13 Apr 2020

Qatar has locked down... migrant workers in a crowded neighborhood, raising fears it will become a coronavirus hotbed. Companies in Saudi Arabia have told foreign laborers to stay home — then stopped paying them...

the coronavirus pandemic has made matters worse, as migrants in Gulf States have found themselves locked down in cramped, unsanitary dorms, deprived of income and unable to return home because of travel restrictions.

Some are running out of food and money and fear they have no place to turn in societies that often treat them like an expendable underclass...

the sheer numbers and diversity of migrants in Persian Gulf countries mean that damage to their health and finances will echo across continents.

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