'Press 1 for child labor': Garment workers use cellphones to report abuses

Author: Rina Chandran, Reuters [UK] , Published on: 1 October 2016

extile workers from Bangladesh to Turkey are using cellphones to report child labor, delayed wages and trafficking - a trend rights groups say shows the promise of technology in tackling abuses in the garment industry...Two mobile services, both by U.S.-based companies, encourage workers to call toll-free numbers to anonymously log violations they see around them...The two systems, Laborlink and LaborVoices, are similar. Workers call and answer simple questions, pressing 1 for "yes" and 2 for "no"...The 5,239 workers who called LaborVoices in the first half of the year worked in 85 factories in Dhaka and Chittagong, which supplied more than 30 global brands including Walmart, Target, Zara, Adidas, H&M and Levi's, Khanna said.

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