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1 March 2004

Law and disorder, corporate style

Author: Shane Schick, editor of ITBusiness.ca, a daily publication which covers the Canadian technology industry, in Rabble [Canada]

[Canada]: Human rights advocates need to push for legislative reform and explore civil litigation if they want to make corporations more accountable for their impact on other countries, experts told the Law Union of Ontario conference this past...

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29 October 2006

[PDF] full report: "Corporate Mercenaries - The threat of private military and security companies"

Author: War on Want

The following pages examine the rapid expansion of private military and security companies (PMSCs), particularly as a result of the occupation of Iraq. As well as providing information on the activities of these companies, the report urges all readers...

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21 March 2007

[DOC] Private security companies and human rights

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

[Presentation by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre to public seminar “Privatization of security and warfare and impacts on human rights”, co-hosted by the United Nations Working Group on the use of mercenaries and the Business & Human...

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1 March 2011
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Author: José L. Gómez del Prado y Helena Torroja Mateu

La proliferación de empresas militares y de seguridad privadas (EMSP)...es un fenómeno contemporáneo alarmante...Estas empresas se han convertido en el brazo armado de algunos Estados, de beligerantes y otros entes no estatales que actúan con total...

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