Regarding supplying lethal injections to US death row.

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Company non-response
22 June 2011

Dream Pharma did not respond to: Regarding supplying lethal injections to US death row.

7 January 2011

Unmasked: the Briton accused of supplying drugs to US death row

Author: Independent [UK]

[T]hree drugs used in the lethal injection process in Arizona had been shipped to the American state by the small business in London. An invoice…reveals that the company facing these allegations is Dream Pharma…The invoice indicates that on 28 September 2010, Dream Pharma charged the Arizona Department of Corrections £4,528.25 for the supplies of sodium thiopental, pancuronium bromide and potassium chloride. The chemicals were dispatched to Carson McWilliams, the warden of the Arizona State Prison Complex…US states have had to look abroad for supplies of the drugs because domestic manufacturers have been unable to source the necessary raw materials. This combination of drugs has already been used to kill one prisoner in the state…Dream Pharma…[allegedly] acted as a middle man by purchasing them from British manufacturers and selling them on to the US. [Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Dream Pharma to respond but it declined to do so]

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