Regulating the Rush for Land [Africa]

Author: Jessica McDiarmid, Inter Press Service (IPS), Published on: 1 November 2011

The adoption of international guidelines to regulate so-called land grabs has been pushed to next year after negotiators failed to agree on conditions for large-scale land investments and enforcement. The guidelines, in the making for several years, were sparked by fears that a "land rush" is leading to hunger, conflict and human rights abuses....Once in place, the...guidelines are meant to protect people, mainly in poor countries such as Sierra Leone, from "land grabbing"...According to a report by...Oakland Institute...nearly half a million hectares of Sierra Leonean farmland had been leased or was under negotiation, while the World Food Programme estimates that about half the population remains food insecure...The report stressed the conditions "are ripe for exploitation and conflict" and called for international institutions and donor partners to withdraw support for large-scale land acquisitions in the country. [refers to Socfin]

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