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12 November 2017

Commentary: Oil and gas industry needs to tackle methane emissions

Author: Nigel Topping, We Mean Business

"It's time for the gas majors to tackle methane", 3 Nov 2017...

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13 February 2017

India: 2017 Responsible Business Index ranks top 100 listed companies

In an attempt to gauge how Indian firms are coping with the interests of various stakeholders, a collaborative effort of non-profits—Oxfam India, Corporate Responsibility Watch, Praxis and Partners in Change—has put together the second edition of India...

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26 March 2016
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1 December 2015
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Con ocasión de la realización de la Conferencia de las Partes en Paris (COP21) en donde el mundo trata de llegar a un acuerdo sobre cómo reducir nuestras emisiones de carbono, la campaña para abandonar el carbón como la fuente más grande de emisiones...

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29 November 2015

Digging Deeper: The Human Rights Impacts of Coal in the Global South

With the Paris Conference of Parties (COP) about to take place and the world trying to come to an agreement on how to cap our carbon emissions, the campaign to phase out coal -- the single largest source of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide -- has...

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26 May 2009

Google Partners with Eight Utilities in Smart Meter Projects to Track Energy Use Online

Author: GreenerBuildings

Eight utilities in the U.S., Canada and India are teaming up with Google in smart meter projects that will enable customers to monitor their energy use online and better manage their power consumption, the Internet giant announced. [The companies are...

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Company non-response
2 April 2009

Reliance Energy (part of Reliance ADA) did not respond to: Over 4900 sign "Cellular Silence Day" petition in protest against CEOs of Bharti Airtel, Tata, Reliance for supporting Gujarat's Chief Minister Modi.

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1 December 2008

Mountains of Concrete: Dam Building in the Himalayas

Author: Shripad Dharmadhikary, for Intl. Rivers

... the governments of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan are planning to transform the Himalayan rivers into the powerhouse of South Asia. They want to build hundreds of mega-dams to generate electricity from the wild waters of the Himalayas...The dams...

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16 February 2007

Farmers irked over land acquisition for Reliance's power plant in Ghaziabad [India]

Author: Shailesh Kumar, Centre for Science & Environment [India]

[A]bout 1,011 ha of land has been acquired in eight western Uttar Pradesh, for Reliance Energy Generation's...“world’s largest gas-based power plant” and over 6,000 families have been displaced with meager compensation...Although the...

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Company response
8 September 2006

Response by Reliance Energy (part of Reliance ADA): Report on police beatings of Uttar Pradesh villagers who were protesting their displacement by planned Reliance Energy plant.

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