Rep. of Congo: Report raises serious social & environmental concerns of Eni's planned tar sands oil & agro-fuel projects

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24 July 2009

Eni response re report “Eni's New Investment in Tar Sands and Palm Oil in the Congo Basin” by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and other NGOs

Author: Eni

Sustainability is an integral part of eni’s history and culture…Regarding the principles, eni’s Guidelines on the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights issued on April 2007 state the following: Rights of local communities…Indigenous peoples' rights and land acquisition…In particular about Palm Oil and Tar Sands projects, both are still in a pre-feasibility phase…Nevertheless, eni will set up the activities in areas with no rain forest…The “Food plus Bio-diesel” project, implemented in partnership with the Republic of Congo…falls within eni’s social responsibility strategy…Tar sands [:] Eni is carrying out preliminary activities in order to asses social and environmental impacts of any type of operations in the area...

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2 July 2009

Tar sands in Congo Basin poses huge risks for one of world’s poorest countries and will worsen runaway climate change

Author: Heinrich Böll Foundation & others

…Eni is currently planning a new multi-billion dollar investment in tar sands, palm oil for food and bio-diesel and gas-fuelled electricity in the…Republic of Congo…Both projects raise the question of how committed G8 energy companies, such as Eni…are to tackling climate change and improving access to energy, particularly when it comes to investing in…developing countries with minimal social and environmental protection. Tar sands and agro-fuels [palm oil] have been heavily criticized by civil society and by scientific bodies for their devastating social and environmental impacts, locally and globally, such as water depletion and pollution, deforestation, habitat destruction and increased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions...Local communities [in Congo] have long complained about lack of consultation…

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