Report alleges Elbit Systems' subsidiary sold spyware used by Ethiopia govt. to spy on dissidents; company comments

A report by University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs' Citizen Lab alleges that Elbit System's subsidiary sold spyware used to spy on dissidents by Ethiopian govt. The company responded that it only sells surveillance products to law enforcement, defence, intelligence and national security agencies approved by the Israeli government.

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11 December 2017

Cyberbit Solutions' comments to report alleging sale of spyware used for surveillance on dissidents

Author: Cyberbit Solutions (Elbit Systems' subsidiary)

"Cyberbit Solutions Response to Human Rights Watch"

Cyberbit Solutions operates under strict regulations of the Israeli competent authorities and under a strict export control regime. Cyberbit Solutions offers its products only to sovereign governmental authorities and law enforcement agencies. Such governmental authorities and law enforcement agencies are responsible to ensure that they are legally authorized to use the products in their jurisdictions. Cyberbit Solutions products greatly contribute to national security and law enforcement where its products are used. Cyberbit Solutions is a vendor and it does not operate any of its products. Cyberbit Solutions customers are the sole operators of the products at their sole responsibility and they are obliged to do so according to all applicable laws and regulations. The activity of such law enforcement and intelligence agencies is a matter of national security in any country and as a foreign vendor Cyberbit is not exposed to their operational activity.

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11 December 2017

Report claims Elbit System's subdiary sold spyware used to target Ethiopian dissidents

Author: The Citizen Lab (Munk School of Global Affairs), Canada

"Champing at the Cyberbit Ethiopian Dissidents Targeted with New Commercial Spyware"

This report describes how Ethiopian dissidents in the US, UK, and other countries were targeted with emails containing sophisticated commercial spyware posing as Adobe Flash updates and PDF plugins...We found a public logfile on the spyware’s command and control server and monitored this logfile over the course of more than a year. We saw the spyware’s operators connecting from Ethiopia, and infected computers connecting from IP addresses in 20 countries, including IP addresses we traced to Eritrean companies and government agencies.

Our analysis of the spyware indicates it is a product known as PC Surveillance System (PSS), a commercial spyware product with a novel exploit-free architecture. PSS is offered by Cyberbit — an Israel-based cyber security company that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems — and marketed to intelligence and law enforcement agencies.


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