Report analyses Nokia's adverse impacts on workers, including in India & Mexico

This report analyses Nokia's corporate history from the perspective of its workers and claims that they have suffered adverse impacts, including precarious working conditions, concerns about freedom of association, and lack of adequate compensation for "forced" resignations.

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Nokia to respond to the report - it declined to do so.

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18 May 2015

Full report: "Nokia Disconnected"

Author: CEREAL, Cividep India, SOMO

This report tracks the main decisions made by Nokia throughout three phases of its recent history: leading the mobile phone business (1998-2007), the years of decline (2007-2013) and the sale of Nokia’s mobile phone business to Microsoft (2013-2015).  The report illustrates how workers at Nokia’s manufacturing sites and its supplier companies were systematically unable to benefit from the company’s success, while facing the most difficult consequences of the company’s decline. [Also refers to Adecco and Manpower.]

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Company non-response
18 May 2015

Nokia did not respond