Report criticises UN's "dangerous" growing use of private security firms, calls system "unaccountable" - UN says use of contractors appropriate if "due diligence" ensured

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Company non-response
1 August 2012

Saracen Uganda did not respond to: New on our Business, Conflict & Peace Portal: Report criticises UN's growing use of private security companies known for their violence.

Company response
24 July 2012

G4S response to the Lou Pingeot report ‘Dangerous Partnership: Private Military Companies and the UN’

Author: G4S

Over the years we have been involved in custodial and immigration services, our training programmes have increasingly placed a large emphasis on de-escalation techniques and well-developed interpersonal skills: control and restraint techniques are only used as a last resort. As a contractor, our employees were trained only in, and authorised to use, Home Office-approved techniques...G4S Ordnance Management supports humanitarian and reconstruction programmes with bomb disposal, the removal of landmines and unexploded ordnance. Across all of our operations, we are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and affirm our commitment to the tenets of the G4S Code of Ethics.

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Company response
18 July 2012

DynCorp response to report raising human rights concerns over its operations

Author: DynCorp

From the first page, the so-called report’s very premise is flawed. DynCorp International it is not a security company – it provides sophisticated aviation, knowledge-transfer, logistics, humanitarian and operational solutions; security work makes up less than three percent of the company’s business. This “report” appears to be a mix of inaccuracies, decades old allegations concerning predecessor companies, half-facts and outright fabrications, selected to further an offensively erroneous characterization of the company.

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11 July 2012

UN criticized for growing use of private security firms

Author: Associated Press

[The Global Policy Forum] [a] non-profit organization that monitors the United Nations published a report...criticizing the UN's growing use of private military and security companies...The Global Policy Forum said the UN's increasing use of these companies is "dangerous," may increase rather than reduce threats and attacks on U.N. buildings and personnel, and suggests a system that is "unaccountable and out of control."...UN spokesman Martin Nesirky said the United Nations believes it is appropriate to use armed private security contractors if the organization ensures "due diligence" in its operations...According to the report, "in the absence of guidelines and clear responsibility for security outsourcing, the UN has hired companies well-known for their misconduct, violence and financial irregularities — and hired them repeatedly." [Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited companies mentioned to respond. G4S, DynCorp responded (see below). Saracen Uganda did not respond.]

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1 June 2012

[PDF] Dangerous Partnership, Private Military & Security Companies and the UN

Author: Lou Pingeot, Global Policy Forum

The United Nations is increasingly hiring Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) for a wide array of security services. The UN’s leadership says these services are needed to protect the organization’s staff and worldwide operations from growing threats and unprecedented dangers. But many reports from governments, NGOs and the media have shown how PMSCs have committed serious human rights abuses, killed or injured innocent civilians, engaged in financial malfeasance and committed many other breaches of the law. Given the track record of these companies, serious questions arise as to whether PMSCs are appropriate UN partners for the complex task of creating a secure, just and lawful world. [refers to ArmorGroup (part of G4S), Bancroft, Saracen Uganda, DynCorp]

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