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Response by Abengoa

Regarding the society & community incidents (Protest against the Morelos Integral Project):  

In March 2016 the Global Compact contacted with the company for a complaint received by a representative of the organization “Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra y Agua Morelos”, due to a power plant installation situated in Morelos, Mexico.The Global Compact asked for company information regarding to measures of Integrity, or relevant information in this regard, which articulates the relationship between the company and the installation that could provide solutions to resolve the situation reported. I consulted this fact with the Director of the company involved. ( The leader project is the Federal Commission Electriware- CFE (Federal Government), and Abengoa work only as a subcontractor ). The Global Compact Office closed the file since Abengoa has no responsibility in the matter four months later, in July 2016.

I attach the communications with global Compact.

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This is a response from the following companies: Abengoa