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Response by Perfetti Van Melle

Author: Perfetti Van Melle, Published on: 11 October 2019

...We have critically reviewed all documentation of our own employees, as well as the documentation provided by third party agencies who supply contract employees to us, and have found no evidence of underage workers in our Bangladesh facility...

...When hiring permanent employees, we screen all candidates for – among other things – age, education and work experience. Additionally, any outside third party agency providing contract workers to Perfetti van Melle must adhere to these same standards, and must sign an agreement stating that they will not hire any underaged individuals...

...Our management has welcomed the union by hosting a...meeting with the union office bearers, during which we communicated our commitment to develop a constructive and mutually beneficial working relationship with the union.... sessions were also arranged...for both union members and Perfetti van Melle management staff to ensure that all parties understand their obligations as per local Labor Law. A number of negotiation meetings took place with the trade union to mitigate their demands as per the legal provisions of the country.

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