Rotterdam Court convicts Seatrade co. of illegal scrapping, NGO Shipbreaking Platform reports

Author: Safety4Sea (Greece), Published on: 17 April 2018

"Seatrade convicted of illegal scrapping" 16 Mar 2018

The Rotterdam District Court sentenced, on the basis of the EU Waste Shipment Regulation, the shipping company Seatrade for the illegal export of vessels sent for scrapping on the beaches of South Asia. This was the first time a European shipping company has been held criminally liable for having sold vessels for scrap to substandard shipbreaking yards in India and Bangladesh. According to data provided by NGO Shipbreaking Platform, the company has been heavily fined, and two of its executives have also been banned from exercising the profession as director, commissioner, advisor or employee of a shipping company for one year. Further, according to the Prosecutor “current ship dismantling methods endanger the lives and health of workers and pollute the environment”. The Prosecutor’s request that the company executives face prison was only waived in light of this being the first time such criminal charges had been pressed. 835 large ocean-going commercial vessels were sold to the scrap yards through 2017, 543 of which were broken down on beaches of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan: amounting to 80,3% of all tonnage dismantled globally, NGO Shipbreaking Platform reported. [Refers to Seatrade]. 

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