Saami villagers submit complaint to Swedish & Norwegian NCPs over land rights impacts of Statkraft wind farm

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7 September 2016

NCPs congratulate Statkraft and Jijnjevaerie Saami villagers for reaching an agreement

Author: National Contact Point - Sweden

"Press Release," 24 Aug 2016

The OECD National Contact Points (NCPs) in Norway and Sweden congratulate Statkraft/SSVAB and Jijnjevaerie Saami village on reaching an agreement – responsible business conduct in indigenous peoples’ areas is important. The NCPs of Norway and Sweden are pleased to see that Statkraft/SSVAB and Jijnjevaerie Saami village have reached an agreement on compensation for the impacts and negative effects of the windmills that Statkraft/SSVAB have built in reindeer herding areas of Jijnjevaerie Saami village…The content of the agreement regulates the impact of and the preventative measures in the wind power projects, in order to reduce the negative effects on the Jijnevaerie Saami village and reindeer herding…The NCPs of Norway and Sweden wish the parties the best of luck in their future cooperation in the area. The parties have many years of co-existence ahead of them. It is important that this is done in a responsible manner that ensures that the wind parks have a limited impact on the Saami’s right to continue their traditional reindeer herding…

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10 February 2016

Statement by Statkraft welcoming National Contact Points decision & recommendations

Author: Statkraft

"Statkraft welcomes statement on the SSVAB/Jijnjevaerie case," 10 Feb 2016

Back in October 2012, Jijnjevaerie Saami village in Sweden submitted a complaint to both the Swedish and the Norwegian National Contact Points (NCPs) for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (the OECD Guidelines) regarding SSVAB's planned wind power project in areas where the Saami village engages in reindeer herding. The NCPs have now reached a conclusion and a Final Statement was published 9 February 2016…Rachel Groux Nürnberg, SVP Head of Corporate Responsibility in Statkraft, comments "Statkraft welcomes the conclusion by the National Contact Points that the company has complied with the Guidelines, in particular that it has fulfilled its corporate responsibility to respect human rights. Statkraft sees the NCP final statement as constructive and will study carefully the recommendations provided and continue to engage with the Saami Village."

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9 February 2016

Final Statement by Swedish & Norwegian National Contact Points

Author: Swedish and the Norwegian National Contact Points

"Final Statement Jijnjevaerie Saami village - Statkraft SCA Vind AB (SSVAB)," 9 Feb 2016

…Jijnjevaerie Saami village…submitted a complaint to both the Swedish and the Norwegian NCPs for the OECD Guidelines. The complaint concerned Statkraft SCA Vind AB’s (SSVAB) planned wind power project in areas where the Saami village engages in reindeer herding…In its response to the complaint, SVVAB argued that the case should be rejected because the claims in the complaint had been considered by the Swedish court system…The company also referred to the fact that it had engaged in extensive dialogue with the Saami village on compensation schemes…In spring 2014, the NCPs engaged an external mediator…The mediation was concluded in June 2014 without results. The NCPs have therefore reviewed parts of the case and will now give their assessment of Statkraft’s compliance with the OECD Guidelines...The NCPs have not found any grounds for concluding that there has been any non-compliance with the Guidelines…but…the NCPs provide recommendations for how SSVAB can work in a manner that even more clearly promotes indigenous people’s rights and the implementation of the Guidelines...

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23 October 2012

Jijnjevaerie Saami villager's complaint to the Swedish & Norwegian National Contact Points

Author: Marianne Persson, Chairperson, Jijnjevaerie Saami village

"Notification of a specific instance under the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises by Jijnjevaerie Saami village to the Swedish and Norwegian National Contact Points, concerning Statkraft's socially unsustainable wind power operations in breach of Saami indigenous rights in Sweden," 23 Oct 2012


Jijnjevaerie Saami village is an indigenous reindeer herding collective located in the municipality of Jämtland in the north-west of Sweden. The village is composed of 50 members, whose livelihood and membership in the village is entirely dependent upon continued reindeer herding practices. In 2010, Statkraft received planning permits…to build 460 wind turbines…all to be located on the traditional herding lands of Jijnjevaerie Saami village…

Jijnjevaerie Saami village alleges possible breaches of the Guidelines on the grounds that:

  1. Consultations with the Jijnjevaerie Saami village are flawed and the project contravenes the wishes of the affected indigenous community. Statkraft has not meaningfully engaged the community, including a failure to obtain the free, prior and informed consent of Jijnjevaerie Saami community.
  2. The project risks to inhibit the Saami community’s possibility to continuously pursue traditional reindeer husbandry, which is the basis of the community’s economic and cultural survival…

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