Safety concerns with Dapeng LNG natural gas pipeline, running underground in downtown Shenzhen – With company responses & non-responses, Mar 2014

Author: compiled by Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, Published on: 12 March 2014

[Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited the five companies named to respond articles. BP Dapeng LNG responses included. Towngas & HK Electric say they have no further information to add to their comments published in the articles. CNOOC has not yet responded, we will indicate next week whether the company responds] Hong Kong newspaper AM730 published two articles that raise safety concerns about a natural gas pipeline running underground in downtown Shenzhen, operated by Dapeng LNG, which reportedly has a pressure more than twice as high as standard pressure and could cause harm to over 123,000 people in the area in case of leakage. The pipeline passes through areas with housing estates, schools, gas stations and industrial zones. The articles...allege that despite the Shenzhen City Government repeatedly requesting that Dapeng LNG decrease the pressure in order to lower the risk, the company did not do so. A pipeline leakage was in 2010 was also reported. Although there were no casualties, all departments were mobilised for more than a month for emergency rescue. BP, CNOOC, Hong Kong Electric and Towngas are reportedly shareholders in Dapeng LNG.

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