Sanctions, technology and human rights in Syria

Author: Bama Athreya, executive director, United to End Genocide in The Hill [USA], Published on: 7 February 2012

[R]ecent actions by President Barack Obama and the Senate...demonstrate the United States’ willingness to hold perpetrators like Bashar al-Assad – as well as countries and corporations that enable their brutal actions – accountable...The international community has in past months mounted pressure on Syria’s economy through sanctions of the important oil sector. Yet, U.S. and European high-tech firms continued to actively and knowingly profit by doing business with Assad. Media exposure...led to some voluntary actions...[and]...pointed out a critical gap in current international sanctions...The provisions in this new bill won’t immediately end the violence against Syrian civilians, but...Senators are setting a precedent by establishing due diligence standards that will make it much more difficult for tech firms operating in conflict zones or with abusive regimes to be complicit in the oppression of human rights. [Refers to AreA, Net App, Blue Coat]

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