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27 November 2017

EU: Controversial glyphosate weedkiller wins new five-year lease

Author: Arthur Neslen, The Guardian (UK)

Glyphosate, the key ingredient in the world’s bestselling weedkiller, has won a new five-year lease in Europe, closing the most bitterly fought pesticide relicensing battle of recent times... [A]n EU appeal committee voted on Monday to reauthorise the...

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Blog post
18 August 2015

Legitimate human rights advocacy: A blueprint for business

Author: Prof. Dr. Florian Wettstein, Director of the Institute for Business Ethics, University of St. Gallen & Editor-in-Chief, Business and Human Rights Journal

Some companies have emerged as a new breed of human rights advocate, but there is a difference between legitimate advocacy and mere window dressing. Here is some unsolicited advice for business.

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5 October 2007

EU must ban European companies from supporting Burmese regime

Author: Friends of the Earth Europe

Big European companies such as Alcatel, Siemens, Total, Maersk and Rolls-Royce, and a number of timber companies, are still doing business with Burma - despite the Burmese junta's human rights violations and environmental destruction, Friends of the...

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24 August 2004

The Dirty List - Companies supporting the regime in Burma

Author: Burma Campaign UK

[Companies on the list: Abercrombie & Kent, Adventures Abroad, Alcatel, Alexander Rose, Andrew Brock Travel, Aon Corporation, Aquatic, Arnold Laver Timberworld, Asean Explorer, Asia Optical, Audley Travel, Lauda Air (part of Austrian Airlines), Ben...

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