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6 March 2019

Commentary: Why investing in women and girls will take off in 2019

Author: Bart Edes of ADB, Eco-business

06 March 2019...

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11 February 2019

Russia is increasing its influence in Africa through strategic investment in energy and minerals says analyst

Author: The Conversation (South Africa)

"How Russia is growing its strategic influence in Africa", 6 février 2019...

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4 February 2019

Commentary: Investing in Low-Wage Jobs Is the Wrong Way to Reduce Migration

Author: Jennifer Gordon, Foreign Policy

28 Janurary, 2019....

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1 February 2019

ABN Amro publishes 2nd human rights report highlighting progress on addressing privacy, discrimination, labour rights & land rights

Author: ABN Amro

"...This second Human Rights Report builds on earlier publications such as the 2015 Human Rights Guide, the 2016 Human Rights Report and the 2017 Update. [ABN AMRO] explain[s] the progress... made over the past two years in addressing salient human...

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15 January 2019

Dutch development bank publishes its first human rights progress report

Author: FMO (The Netherlands)

"Human Rights: An integral part of our investment approach - Human rights progress report", 18 Dec 2018...

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14 January 2019

Haiti farmers demanded justice after losing their land - their victory shows what empowering workers can achieve

Author: Lani Inverarity, Senior Communities Associate at Accountability Counsel

The Caracol Industrial Park forced 4,000 Haitians from their land using earthquake reconstruction money. Nine years after the earthquake, farmers organised and negotiated a package of land and jobs.

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31 December 2018

Banking giant HSBC divests from Israeli arms manufacturer following pressure from human rights campaigners

Author: War on Want

Human rights campaigners have declared a victory as global banking giant HSBC confirmed that it has divested completely from Israeli weapons manufacturer Elbit Systems after a year of campaign pressure. Elbit Systems is one of Israel’s largest arms...

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20 December 2018

Chinese Responsible Investment Overseas Newsletter Issue 1: Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)


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Blog post
11 December 2018

India must invest in its women workers to deliver shared prosperity

Author: 11/12/18 - Priti Darooka, South Asia Researcher & Representative, and Phil Bloomer, Executive Director, BHRRC

BHRRC visits Delhi's poverty-ridden slums - and finds government action could help business and workers

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29 October 2018

Latin America demands respect for rights, but will China listen?

Author: Fermin Koop and Robert Soutar, Dialogo Chino

…Latin American civil society organizations filed three reports to be taken into consideration at China’s [Universal Periodic] review…One group of 21 NGOs from Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru, reviewed 18 projects managed by 15 Chinese...

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