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19 June 2012

Chinese investment: The money is welcome but more controls are needed [Africa]

Author: Xan Rice, Financial Times

[T]he Gibe III dam...[in Ethiopia] will be the highest in Africa...[and] one of the most controversial...[I]t offers proof of China’s ever-increasing contribution to Africa’s development, or evidence of Beijing’s willingness to compromise on...

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9 May 2012

Response by Salini Costruttori: Report alleges that carbon offset projects in Africa benefit corporations, not victims of pollution.

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18 April 2012

[PDF] The CDM in Africa Cannot Deliver the Money - Why the carbon trading gamble and ‘Clean Development Mechanism’ won’t save the planet from climate change, and how African civil society is resisting

Author: University of KwaZulu Natal Centre for Civil Society (So. Africa) & Dartmouth College Climate Justice Research Project (USA)

[Responses by Sasol, Green Resources, Salini Costruttori, ENI below. Business and Human Rights Resource Centre also invited ConocoPhillips, NNPC, Cimpor to respond; they did not. Shell declined to respond.]

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10 February 2011

[PDF] Business & human rights in Anglophone Africa – A round-up of recent developments

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

This briefing highlights reports from a range of sources about how businesses have impacted human rights, positively and negatively, in Anglophone Africa over the past year... [Headings:] Examples of the “resource curse” ...HIV/AIDS and TB...Dams:...

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27 August 2010

Gibe 3: AfDB, EIB out. Who's in?

Author: Terri Hathaway, International Rivers

Ethiopia's Gibe 3 Dam remains the most destructive dam being built today...Which banks are being chased to fund this highly destructive dam?...the African Development Bank officially withdrew its funding consideration, as did the European Investment...

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30 March 2010

Ethiopia dam will not displace 200,000: builder

Author: Barry Malone, Reuters

The Italian firm building Africa's biggest hydropower dam in Ethiopia on Tuesday denied allegations that the dam would deprive 200,000 self-sufficient people of a living and make them dependent on aid. The ethnic rights group Survival International...

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6 February 2010

Ethiopia: Dam Critics Won't Go Away

Author: Inter Press Service News Agency

Ethiopia is building a 240-metre high dam on the Omo River…The Gilgel Gibe III dam …will be a significant boost for the Ethiopian Electric Power Company (EEPCO)…Two environmental organisations, Friends of Lake Turkana and International Rivers…say...

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5 February 2010

Ethiopia prepares case for mega hydropower project funding

Author: John Njiraini, Engineering News [South Africa]

The Ethiopian government is preparing its case to attempt to convince the World Bank to fund a mega- hydropower project in the Horn of Africa country...Various reports show the World Bank, and the EIB [European Investment Bank], are considering...

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14 January 2008

Letter to JP Morgan Chase on the Gilgel Gibe III Dam [Ethiopia]

Author: Campagna per la Riforma della Banca Mondiale, Les Amis de la Terre, International Rivers Network

We are writing to express our deep concern regarding JPMorgan Chase’s consideration of the provision of a $400 million commercial loan to the Government of Ethiopia for its controversial Gilgel Gibe III Hydroelectric Dam project...In this case, the use...

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