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6 April 2020

Jordan: NGO counts 406 complaints raised against non payment of wages and other labour rights violations across sectors amid the crisis

Author: Jordan Times

"Study calls for defence order to protect labour rights'', 4th of April 2020...

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25 January 2019

Jordan: Workplace injuries occurred every 40 minutes in 2017, report finds

Author: The Jordan Times

"Workplace injuries occurred every 40 minutes in 2017 — report", 20 January 2019...

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3 December 2018
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Author: مرصد الشركات وحقوق الإنسان

يعد  قطاع الإنشاءات في الأردن ولبنان محركًا قويًا للعمالة والتنمية والازدهار المشترك في منطقة الصراع في سوريا. للاسف، هناك أدلة على ان هذا القطاع  يتميز بالإساءة للعمال بما في ذلك اللاجئين والمهاجرين. حيث إن الوفيات في قطاع الانشاءات في الأردن تقريبا...

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17 September 2018

Jordan: Labour Ministry issues 16,000 flexible work permits for Syrian refugees in construction to improve labour mobility

Author: Ana V. Ibáñez Prieto, The Jordan Times

"16,000 flexible construction work permits issued for Syrian refugees in 2017", 16 September 2018...

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Company response
26 February 2018

Marriott International's response to allegations of labour abuse

Author: David Leman, Marriott International

...Upon receipt of your email, the Marriott regional team followed-up with the owning company of the hotel and shared the information provided by the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre [BHRRC]....

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19 February 2018

Jordan: Allegations of labour rights abuse at St. Regis Amman construction site

According to a statement by the General Trade Union of Construction Workers in Jordan, migrant workers subcontracted for The St. Regis project have lodged a number of complaints, including: frequent delays in salary payment, lack of health insurance,...

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23 November 2017

A Missed Opportunity: Employing Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Author: Shaddin Almasri, Al Bawaba

Following the Jordan Compact agreement in February 2016...Jordan pledged to create 200,000 work opportunities for Syrians in exchange for aid and an agreement that relaxes the EU's rules of origin for imports...According to the agreement, 52 Jordanian...

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21 November 2017
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Author: إياد الفضولي - هلا أخبار

 كشفت مؤسسة الضمان الإجتماعي عن تسجيل ١٣ ألف و٣٤٥ حادث عمل خلال العام الماضي....

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15 November 2017
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Author: رانيا الصرايرة، الغد الأردني

حققت وحدة الاتجار بالبشر التابعة لمديرية الأمن العام، خلال هذا العام، بـ193 قضية اعتبرتها "اتجارا بالبشر"، وعند تحويلها للمحاكم تم تكييف 15 منها فقط بوصفها "اتجارا"، في حين تم تكييف بقية القضايا بأنها "قضايا نزاع عمالي"، بحسب النقيب محمد العزام من قسم...

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4 November 2017

Legal employment gives Syrians in Jordan a lifeline

Author: Taylor Luck, The National (UAE)

...34,000 Syrians [were] granted work permits by Jordan this year under a new system providing free, fast-tracked work permits for Syrians in select sectors such as services, agriculture, manufacturing and construction. Through such jobs in the cities...

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