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30 September 2004

[PDF] Corporate accountability to the poor? Assessing the effectiveness of community-based strategies

Author: Niamh Garvey & Peter Newell, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex

While corporations secure access to decision-making and privilege through their contributions to state resources through taxes, and to economic development more generally by providing employment, the communities in which many TNCs invest, by contrast...

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12 August 2004

Gov’t challenged over mineral royalties [Ghana]

Author: Emmanuel Akli, Ghanaian Chronicle

The managing director of Anglogold Ashanti Iduaprime mine, Mr. David Rainer, has called on the government to come clear on what it has been doing with the mineral royalties paid to her by the mining companies and the benefit the people at the...

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20 March 2003

Cambior lawsuit (re Guyana)

In August 1995, the tailings dam at the Omai Mine in Guyana failed, spilling mine tailings containing cyanide, heavy metals and other pollutants into the Essequibo River.  About 23,000 people live in the region surrounding the river, and they rely on...

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