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Seeing through transparency: making corporate accountability work for workers

Author: FLEX (UK), Published on: 20 July 2018

...This report asks two crucial questions at a time when increasing numbers of governments are adopting transparency legislation as a tool to prevent human trafficking and forced labour. Firstly, it explores how to ensure that the steps companies are taking to meet transparency aims have a meaningful impact on the rights of workers.  Secondly, it considers what steps should complement transparency in supply chains legislation in order to ensure the pursuit of corporate accountability has workers’ and migrants’ rights at its core. This report questions whether transparency is enough if global efforts to end human trafficking and forced labour are to be successful.  It contends that whilst transparency is important it is just one piece of the puzzle needed to tackle human trafficking and forced labour...

It builds on detailed analysis of legal frameworks for the prevention of forced labour and human trafficking and the enforcement of labour rights in two case study countries: the United Kingdom...and Bangladesh...[T]he report develops a framework for corporate accountability which links transparency in supply chains legislation with domestic frameworks for the protection of workers’ and migrants’rights...

Table of contents
1 Introduction
2 A global movement towards transparency – without teeth?
3 Garments, from Leicester to Dhaka and back
4 Effectiveness of UK MSA TISC provision and compliance with the Act
5 Beyond compliance: responding to the UK MSA
6 What is the meaning of true ‘transparency in supply chains’?
7 Making corporate accountability work for workers
8 Beyond transparency: towards a comprehensive prevention framework
9 Conclusion

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