Serbia: Local residents concerned about rapidly expanding Drmno coal mine, operated by Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) & funded by Chinese banks, over health & environmental hazards

Author: CEE Bankwatch Network, Published on: 1 August 2019

The Drmno mine in Serbia is rapidly expanding, without anyone knowing what its impacts will be. Despite a planned 30 per cent increase in production volume, no figures on the surface areas expansion have been made public, and no Environmental Impact Assessment was considered necessary by the Serbian Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection...Serbia’s failure to carry out an environmental impact assessment is the subject of a new complaint to the Energy Community Secretariat submitted by CEKOR and Bankwatch...Neither the Drmno mine expansion, nor the construction of Kostolac B3 would be possible without the availability of loans from Chinese public banks. China is cleaning up its act at home, adopting strict standards on pollution, halting coal mine and power plant expansion and speeding up clean energy capacities. However, overseas the country’s labour force and technology is finding new markets...

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