[01/05/2015] Silvestre Manueles Gómez

Gender: Male

Location of the incident: Honduras

Counting Unit: Individual

Affiliation on the individual / type of group: Indigenous peoples

Specific attack on the HRD(s) / Rights of the HRD(s) affected by the incident:

  • Killings

Date of the incident: Fri 1 May 2015

Date accuracy: Year & month correct

Summary of the incident: Silvestre Manueles Gómez, member of the Movimiento Independiente Lenca de La Paz and known opponent of the Los Encinos project, was killed: his body was dismembered on the banks of the Chinacla River on the border of the departments of Intibucá and La Paz. This was one of the several murders of environmental and land defenders in recent years in the Santa Elena municipality.

Target sector: Hydropower & dam projects

Related Company/Companies:

Name: Los Encinos

Company sector: Hydropower & dam projects

Headquarters: Headquarters in Honduras

Alleged degree of company involvement: Indirect

Response: Honduras: Denuncia del asesinato de indígena opositor a hidroeléctrica Los Encinos‏

Issues the HRD is/was working on:

  • Access to water

Sources of information: