Singapore: Experts say that annual cost of failing to address occupational safety and health issues is about 3.7 per cent of global GDP

Author: Xin Yu, Straits Times, Published on: 27 August 2017

"Occupational safety, health are basic rights," 28 August 2017

Dr Joachim Breuer, president of the International Social Security Association (ISSA), stresses: "The quality of occupational health and safety has tremendous impact on people's lives. Prevention contributes to society as occupational safety and health are basic human rights."

He was speaking...ahead of the 21st World Congress on Safety and Health at Work...

...Leppink says the ILO estimates occupational accidents and work-related diseases cause over some 2.7 million work-related fatalities a year.

"The economic impact of the failure to adequately invest in occupational safety and health is currently estimated to be 3.7 per cent of the global GDP per year, not to mention the human suffering caused," she adds.

...Breuer adds that the good news is that all occupational accidents and diseases are preventable.


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