Singapore: Firms urged to use technology alongside new safety & health guidelines to make crane operations safer

Author: Sue-Ann Tan, The Straits Times, Published on: 19 January 2020

"Safer crane operations with new guidelines, technology", 16 January 2020

Increasing the use of technology alongside new workplace safety and health guidelines should make crane operations safer, said Minister of State for Manpower Zaqy Mohamad....

The number of crane-related dangerous occurrences has fallen from 21 cases in 2009 to eight last year, but Mr Zaqy said more needs to be done. "Companies should leverage technology to create safer work environments," he said.


Mr Zaqy added that technology such as stability control systems can detect the position of outriggers and compute the safe operating zone. If an operator tries to extend the lorry crane beyond the safe zone, the system will intervene and bring it back to safety.


Building technologies and solutions company Johnson Controls said it already uses stability control system technology to ensure that the crane operator does not go beyond specific safety limits.

Mr Wang Zhenwei, Johnson Controls' environmental health and safety leader for Singapore, said: "Apart from ensuring that the lorry crane is certified by authorised examiners, we also consider the competency and experience of the crane operator as many accidents are caused by human error. Including the stability control system technology further enhances safety."

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