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Sintraelecol Leaders Targeted, ICEM Demands Colombia, Employer Give Protection

Author: ICEM - International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions, Published on: 6 February 2012

The start of 2012 has seen deadly circumstances facing Colombian trade unionists deteriorate even further. The leadership of ICEM-affiliated Sintraelecol, the Electric Power Workers’ Union, is now being systematically threatened...leaders Marcelino José López Perez and Danuil Gómez Perez have escaped harm in three attempts on their lives...Martin Porto and Walberto Figueroa are other Sintraelecol leaders working at Electricaribe, a subsidiary of Spanish energy provider Gas Natural, who have received death threats. The four trade unionists believe that the threats and attacks are directly related to their union activities…See a moving documentary into the effects of a culture of murders with impunity in Colombia, in Spanish.

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