: Social & environmental report by CLP Group (Hong Kong electric utility firm) - CSR Asia welcomes its frankness & coverage of certain issues (scroll to page 2)

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22 March 2006

[PDF] CLP’s social and environmental report [scroll to page 2]

Author: Richard Welford, CSR Asia Weekly

I would like to praise CLP [CLP Group / CLP Holdings, electric utility firm headquartered in Hong Kong] for being open and honest about some aspects of its safety record. To state that “Our performance on contractor safety was unacceptable” is pretty much a first, in my experience. It troubles me that the company reaches that conclusion, but the fact that they admit it certainly adds to my trust and respect for the organisation...I also like the CLP report because it is pushing at the boundaries of CSR. Reflections on climate change, renewable energy in China, work-life balance, preparedness for avian flu outbreaks, poverty alleviation and environmental education are all welcome and the fact that they are responses to stakeholders’ questions means that the report can reflect on different issues each year.

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28 February 2006

CLP Group 2005 Social and Environmental Report [Chinese]

Author: CLP Group

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