South Korea: Hyundai Motors workers vote to strike after failed wage negotiations

Author: Kim Jee-Hee, Korea Joongang Daily, Published on: 2 August 2019

"Workers in the Hyundai Motor union vote to strike", 1 August 2019

Hyundai Motor’s labor union voted to strike after 16 rounds of failed wage negotiations...According to the union...70.54 percent of its...members voted to go on strike...84.06 percent agreed to walk out...

...Hyundai Motor’s union has negotiated wages with management in 16 rounds since May 30 but failed to come to consensus. The labor union is asking the company to raise monthly base pay by 123,526 won ($104) for all pay grades, and pay out 30 percent of the automaker’s net profit as bonuses...

...The more controversial to consider bonuses as regular pay, which would have the effect of increasing overtime and severance pay. It is also asking that the retirement age be extended to 64 from...60.

The company says that with its focus on new businesses and electric cars, those demands are impossible. The company maintains it doesn’t need to include bonuses in regular pay as it won in two lawsuits on that issue...

...Hyundai-affiliated Kia Motors is also facing rocky wage negotiations. According to Kia’s labor union, 73.6 percent of its...members endorsed a strike in a vote Tuesday. The voting came after 10 rounds of failed talks since June 13.

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