State Health Officials Fault Lack of Federal Action on Waterproofing Sprays [USA]

Author: Eric Lipton, New York Times, Published on: 29 December 2007

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is unnecessarily leaving the American public at risk through its failure to properly investigate a long-running series of lung injuries tied to widely available waterproofing sprays, public health officials from several states say... Susan C. Smolinske, a professor of toxicology at Wayne State University in Detroit and the director of a Michigan regional poison control center...[says] in the past several years, thousands of consumers are likely to have suffered respiratory problems...after using these waterproofing sprays... The illnesses...have been associated with...products [including] Kenyon Water Repellent [made by Kenyon Consumer],...Jobsite Heavy Duty Bootmate, Rocky Boot Weather and Stain Protector [both made by Assured Packaging and distributed in USA by ManaKey], and [Tile Perfect] Stand ’n Seal grout sealer [made by Specialty Construction Brands (part of H.B. Fuller)]... Manny Vickers, president of Fiber-Shield Industries...[which] makes a fluoropolymer-based chemical used in millions of waterproofing cans sold worldwide,...said he was confident that his company’s products had not been responsible for illnesses, but he agreed that the matter merited further investigation. None of the manufacturers or distributors of the waterproofing sprays returned calls seeking comment.

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