Syrian refugees in Turkish garment supply chains: What are companies doing to end exploitation?

In late 2015, we began tracking large European fashion brands' action to prevent exploitation of Syrian refugees in the Turkish garment industry, after worrying reports of pitiful wages, child labour and sexual abuse for refugees working without permits. Since then, we have surveyed almost 40 companies three times and released the findings (links above). Our latest survey found more leading fashion brands making efforts to prevent exploitation of Syrian refugees in Turkish supply chains than last year, but need for a coordinated effort from the industry as a whole. 

This microsite lets you explore and compare brands' responses to our October 2016 survey. The survey responses to our 2017 have not been made public due to concerns this might impact negatively on companies trying to support refugees into formal employment. 

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Latest report: What’s changed for Syrian refugees in Turkish garment supply chains?

Our 2017 report builds on analysis from February 2016 and October 2016, exploring the actions of 37 brands to to protect Syrian refugees in their supply chains.

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Syrian refugees in Turkish garment supply chains: An analysis of company action to address serious exploitation

February 2016 Report

In Post-Coup Turkey, Syrian refugee garment workers’ future could hang in the balance

Some brands, worried by insecurity and the publicity around the exploitation of refugees, might consider moving out of Turkey. If they have concern for the refugees, they shouldn’t.

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