Tanzania: Reli Assets Holding renders elderly woman homeless after demolishing her house allegedly built on railroad reserve, company did not respond

Reli Assets Holding has demolished an elderly woman's house allegedly constructed on railway reserve area rendering her and her dependant grandchildren homeless. Amina Athumani Kwasa says she has lived in that house for many years. Reli Assets Holdings did not respond.

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Company non-response
18 April 2017

Reli Assets Holding non-response

18 April 2017

Tanzania: Family rendered homeless after Reli Assets Holding demolish house allegedly built on railway reserve

Author: Saumu Mwalimu, The Citizen (Tanzania)

"Family turns destitute overnight"

...[E]lderly...Amina Athuman Kwasa['s]...fortunes changed when...Reli Assets Holding...decided to pull down her house constructed within the railway reserve area...The demolition was carried out to pave way for the construction of the...standard gauge railway linking Dar es Salam to Morogoro...

"I have nothing to feed my grandchildren. I have no place we can use as shelter," laments Ms Kwasa...She has been living at the area with eleven of her grandchildren. 'Buruguni Madenge is the only home I have known my entire life. My late husband left me the house, now it too has gone just like that. This is the maximum punishment I can endure," says the visibly shocked woman.

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