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14 March 2016

Tanzania: Tanzanite One official denies allegations 3 missing artisanal miners purposefully buried in its quarry; says it was an accident

Author: Marc Nkwame, Tanzania Daily News

"Mystery Surrounds Disappearance of Three Miners"...

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11 February 2016

Tanzania: Govt. officials say Tanzanite One mine not at risk of sinking after workers protest

Author: The Guardian (Tanzania)

"Mineral officials assure workers on safety of tanzanite mines"...

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12 March 2014

Tanzania: Need to Put Extractive Industry in Transparency

Author: Tanzania Daily News

Tanzania is one the countries in Africa which is blessed with a number of natural resources and minerals of different kinds. To enable the country benefit from the minerals, there is need to have machinery that makes sure that every single cent that...

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10 February 2010

[PDF] Rough Cut: Sustainability Issues in the Coloured Gemstone Industry

Author: E. de Haan, S. van der Wal, J. Cross, SOMO [Netherlands]

This report…outline[s] the social, environmental and economic issues present in the coloured gemstone supply chain…[T]he coloured gemstone trade can be linked to support terrorism and suppression in a number of countries…[T]here was a high reported...

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