Technology and human rights - advances by business

Below you will find practical examples of how technology companies are working to advance human rights. See also our Technology and Human Rights portal, which explores the latest developments related to artificial intelligence, automation, digital freedom, and the gig economy.

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1 February 2019

Australia: WWF partners with tech cos. to track supply chains involved in environmental harm & human rights abuses

The World Wide Fund (WWF) in Australia is partnering with technology companies to track supply chains and help stop illegal, unsustainable fishing practices and curb human rights abuses such as slavery. Media reports are linked below.

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30 October 2018

Commentary: Global Network Initiative has contributed to improvements in ICT companies' respect for human rights over the past 10 years

Author: Michael Samway, Medium

"GNI: A Journey of Trust and Making Common Cause" 16 October 2018...

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16 July 2018

Microsoft calls for govt. rules & laws to regulate facial recognition technology

Author: Brad Smith, Microsoft Blog

"Facial recognition technology: The need for public regulation and corporate responsibility", 13 July 2018...

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25 March 2018

YouTube to ban videos promoting gun sales

Author: Niraj Chokshi, The New York Times

YouTube said this week that it would... ban videos that promote either the construction or sale of firearms and their accessories... “While we’ve long prohibited the sale of firearms, we recently notified creators of updates we will be making around...

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6 March 2018

Airbnb partners with anti-trafficking NGO to prevent sexual exploitation in its properties

Author: Kieran Guilbert, Global News (Canada)

"Airbnb vows to crack down on sex traffickers using its properties as brothels," 18 February 2018...

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23 January 2018

New CEO activism: business leaders are defending rights by raising awareness & leveraging economic power

Author: Aaron K. Chatterji & Michael W. Toffel, Harvard Business Review (USA)

"The New CEO Activists", January 2018...

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22 January 2018

Fiji: Blockchain technology joint pilot project launched to address illegal fishing practices and human rights abuses in Pacific Islands tuna industry

Author: Candice Visser & Quentin Hanich, the Conversation

"How blockchain is strengthening tuna traceability to combat illegal fishing", 22 January 2018...

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11 January 2018

Seven Things Every Company Should Know about Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Business

Author: Dunstan Allison-Hope, Jacob Park and Michael Rohwer, BSR

"Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing rapidly, thanks to ever-more-powerful computing, massive growth in the availability of digital data, and increasingly sophisticated algorithms......

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3 October 2017

The Rohingya crisis: key roles for business

Author: Golda Benjamin & Bobbie Sta. Maria, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Half a million Rohingya refugees have fled Rakhine State in Myanmar in the last five weeks, leading to immense humanitarian challenges... in Bangladesh. [W]e have received... queries from members of the business community on their perceived role in...

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17 August 2017

Inside the C.E.O. Rebellion Against Trump’s Advisory Councils

Author: David Gelles, Landon Thomas Jr., Andrew Ross Sorkin & Kate Kellyaug, NY Times (USA)

On Tuesday, Indra Nooyi, the chief executive of PepsiCo, joined a call with other prominent corporate chieftains who...had agreed to advise...Trump. A rebellion was brewing. Along with other business leaders, [she]...watched with bafflement over the...

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