The rape of PNG [Papua New Guinea] forests

Author: Greg Roberts, Australian [newspaper], Published on: 24 June 2006

Sexual coercion, corruption and assault are the coin of PNG's illegal logging industry... Malaysian logging companies that hold concessions to log eight million hectares of rainforest in PNG are operating in defiance of the country's laws with the blessing of [Prime Minister] Somare's Government... PNG's National Intelligence Organisation claimed in reports on Rimbunan's Turama and Vailala logging concessions that people died after drinking from the Karoa River after fuel drums had been dumped in it... [Rimbunan community relations manager Axel Wilhelm] says he is unaware of any links between logging-related pollution and deaths or sickness... A PNG Community Development Department report says women employed as domestic servants in the Vanimo concession by Malaysian company Vanimo Forest Products [part of WTK] in 2004 were expected to provide sexual favours and were beaten if they refused... The company did not return calls... TLB Timbers [part of Rimbunan Hijau] imports 17,000 cubic metres, about half of Rimbunan's annual timber exports, to Australia. [also refers to Sepik River Development, Hey Bridge, Brilliant Investment; Straits Marine, Frontier Holdings, LumberBank (all part of Rimbunan Hijau); steps by Wolseley Group to limit timber imports from Papua New Guinea]

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