The Ruggie Framework: An Adequate Rubric for Corporate Human Rights Obligations?

Author: David Bilchitz, University of Johannesburg, in SUR International Journal on Human Rights, Published on: 1 June 2010

Part I of this paper is concerned...with capturing accurately what [the Ruggie framework]...envisages as being the nature of the responsibilities of corporations in relation to fundamental rights...Part II of this paper critically evaluates Ruggie’s conception of the scope of corporate obligations. A normative argument is provided for the claim that corporate obligations should not only involve ‘negative’ obligations to avoid harm but also include a ‘duty to fulfil’: obligations to contribute actively to the realisation of fundamental rights…[T]he duties of pharmaceutical companies to make life-saving drug...available at an affordable price…provides a clear illustration of the large impact that corporate positive obligations may have upon individuals, particularly those in developing countries…[Refers to Boehringer Ingelheim]

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